What Our Clients Are Saying

David H. Baum was recommended to me by trusted legal professionals Mr. Baum and I have in common. Mr. Baum assisted me barely one month after my husband passed away. Having no time to grieve, my late husband’s 7 children descended on me with their “perceived entitlements” to his estate. David helped me wade through the mountains of legal documents and saved my sanity. Mr. Baum’s attention to every detail while staying focused on my long-term best interests will result in elder-years’ comfort. While the dispute with the relatives lasted several years, it was resolved by Mr. Baum. Though our formal attorney/client relationship is over, he remains my first choice to call whenever I need a lawyer.”
Lynette G.
via Yelp (03/12/2016)
We are parents today because of David Baum. He was consistently honest, trustworthy and efficient…exactly what we desired in this professional relationship. Our adoption journey took time but we never once thought it was because he was not advocating on our behalf. He knows what he is doing and we appreciated his years of experience to confidently guide us through the process. I also enjoyed working with his office staff.”
Lori F.
via Yelp (03/08/2016)
After working in a family law office, and searching for months to assist myself and avoid paying an attorney an arm and a leg, I FINALLY found an attorney that was so generous to give me the EXACT forms and guidance I needed to do a San Diego Adult Adoption. You heard right, he isn’t even in my county and he went out of his way to find me the correct forms that I’ve been searching for months for. FREE OF CHARGE! now that’s unheard of, and I work for attorneys. If you want a knowledgeable, genuine attorney, Mr. Baum is your guy!!! Thank you sir!”
Lanie S.
via Yelp (09/04/2015)
We first learned of David from a friend who had used his services a number of ago years to successfully adopt a child. After a consultation we felt confident that David was honest, experienced and was someone we could count on to help us reach our dream of adopting a child into our family. David guided us through learning the ropes of the adoption process and what to expect. David kept us informed of each step and was in constant contact with the birth mom’s attorney. He went out of his way to meet us after hours to make sure paperwork was signed before a deadline. We were successfully matched and feel so blessed to be parenting our child.”
Lori T.
via Yelp (07/09/2015)
Some might feel that an adoption lawyer provides a service. In David Baum’s case, he does so much more. David guided me, helped me, advised me, explained the process, the risks, the legalese of it all. He made it seem not as overwhelming as one would imagine, although it is still a process. David was there through my tears when I turned down some placements, as I just knew in my heart that they were not my children. He was there for me when a birthmother took my plane ticket and never showed up. He was there for me after the crank/obscene call from a “birthfather”. He was there for me at our “finalization”, he was my rock throughout.  I have recommended David to friends, both in California and out-of-state, and he has always been there to guide them. David was always straightforward about his fees. I had heard all the horror stories about exorbitant fees, long wait periods, I was trepidatious. My entire adoption cost so much less than almost anyone else I know who has been through it. David is one of the most honest, upstanding, caring men I was lucky enough to meet…especially during a time when I was at my most vulnerable. I trusted David,  He never pressured me to adopt, just to fulfill his quota or his bank account. My daughter and I are now in our 15th year as a family….and I have David and Rocky and his staff to thank for representing me. I wish, for all of you who are about to embark on the journey of adoption, the best of luck, the best of times…and the best Adoption Attorney I know. Thank you for reading this, I hope it helps your decision.”
Donna B.
via Yelp (01/03/2016)
I have been very satisfied with the services of Mr. David Baum who helped me in my adoption case. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced attorney and made the adoption of my baby girl easy, smooth and fast. I very much appreciated his counsel and advice through every step of this journey; his attention to details, professionalism and familiarity with the justice and legal systems earned him the respect of the officials he deals with, and this has impacted very positively on my case. Mr. Baum is also very friendly, supportive and responsive. My experience with him is very positive and therefore, I do not hesitate to recommend him highly for your adoption needs.”
Juliette H.
via Yelp (07/09/2015)
Ours was a difficult case. Thank God and David for his connections, because he was able to figure out how to get our adoption approved and he did it in the amount of money he quoted us. We were up front with our financial situation and he explained how to keep our costs low. We followed his instructions and were very frugal in the amount of inquiries we made. We honestly did not think it would be possible, but David Baum never flinched. He is “THE MAN”. He did it!!! Like someone said before, if he doesn’t know the answer, he knows someone that does…. And that is who you want on your side!!!! We trusted him and he delivered. Also, lets not forget the ladies… whenever you call the office for help, the sweetest ladies Rocky and Jeri are always available and so kind. Thank you all for making a new family for us. We will recommend you always :)”
Sandy T.
via Yelp (04/14/2015)

David Baum is the reason that we have our son today. He is experienced (30+) years. If there are bumps, and there are in most adoptions, he has been through it before and he will get your baby in your arms.

Dave has reciprocal relationships with lawyers across the country, so hiring Dave is like hiring 20 lawyers.  We will forever be grateful to Dave and his wonderful staff.”

Denise M.
via Yelp (01/07/2015)

My first domestic adoption was in 2001. I am a single parent and work in technology. In 2000 I started doing a deep dive into agency vs attorney. I attended at least 4 agency orientations in Southern California. I was not impressed and somewhat discouraged how the agencies use a sliding scale in some cases and in others they relayed that I would have a harder time as a single parent than a married couple to get matched. I then found David Baum on the internet and loved what I read. I decided to drive to meet with him and everything he said was exactly what I was hoping to hear. I am a client like every other client and treated the same way, no hidden fees, up front estimate of adoption expenses. It was a dream come true. At that visit I paid my retainer and in two months of paying my retainer I had my son home with me! This is not the norm, I can say it was a perfect fit at the perfect time. It was a shock as I didn’t have time to prepare for anything! He is now 13 and we are living the dream because David  helped make it happen.

November 2012 I decided I wanted to adopt again. I called David and paid my retainer and was very eager to add to my family. This time it took a bit longer which is more within the norm and my baby was born in Feb 2014!!! I truly can say that both my domestic adoptions through David was a blessing from God. I would use him again!! Please take time to ask all your questions and vet all your concerns, there isn’t a question he can’t get an answer to!!! Love him and all his staff!! They are family to me.”

Kim W.
via Yelp (12/30/2014)

After encountering what seemed to be an endless series of challenges in our efforts to become parents, my husband and I had the good fortune of meeting David Baum. Suddenly a process that had been wrought with heartbreak and disappointment was transformed into one of promise and hope. From the outset, Dave not only made us feel educated and informed about the adoption process, but he made us feel confident and secure in our decision to adopt. As an adoptive parent himself, Dave was able to connect with our fears and concerns at a very personal level and his perspective from having been “in our shoes” gave us great confidence in his advice.

Dave made what is otherwise a very complicated process seem remarkably simple. He and his staff provided step by step assistance with every phase of the adoption legal bureaucracy. Throughout it all, he was an outstanding advocate and made us feel that our interests were always being protected and represented. Importantly, he was always quick to respond to our calls and e-mails and frequently went “above and beyond” to ensure that our adoption went through without a hitch.

My husband and I will be forever grateful to David for helping us realize our dream of becoming parents and he has our highest recommendation.”

Marisha C.
via Yelp (12/11/2014)

After experiencing two failed placements through the foster care system, my wife and I decided to pursue private adoption. We spoke with a number of attorneys, and decided to retain David Baum, who came highly recommended by a friend. Within two and a half months of meeting Dave, we met our daughter’s birthparents.

Dave’s extensive experience as a private adoption attorney allowed us to feel comfortable in trusting the process. His meticulous attention to detail ensured that all aspects of the adoption went as smoothly as possible. He was extremely responsive, replying to all of our communications immediately. His guidance throughout the process was invaluable, and his high ethical standards were evident throughout our experience with him.

Within 5 months of bringing our daughter home from the hospital, our adoption was finalized. Our family is enjoying the best holiday season ever, due in large part to David Baum. We have recommended him already to a number of prospective adoptive parents.”

Albert R.
via Yelp (12/07/2014)

Our experience with David Baum and his staff was nothing less than exemplary. We actually nicknamed David ” The Maven”, which means an expert or connoisseur. There is absolutely no way, on Gods Green Earth, we would have our precious daughter , without David’s guidance and expertise.

My husband and I were working with an agency in the Bay Area that got us into a very difficult situation. David was able to come in pick up the pieces, hold the agency accountable and make sense of it all.

David was able to file the never ending paperwork expediently. We found him to be engaging, competent and proficient. His humor and wisdom allowed us to feel as if we had a friend in our corner, rather than on opposite sides of the boxing ring. His grace and compassion empowered us to persevere and to finalize the process of the adoption. We are FOREVER grateful to David Baum!”

Trish L.
via Yelp (04/25/2014)