FAQ for

Adult Adoptions

Does your office handle adult adoptions?

Yes. In addition to handling independent, traditional agency, collaborative agency, readoptions on International adoption cases and stepparent adoptions, our office handles adult adoptions.

What’s involved in an adult adoption?

When two adults wish to adopt one another, the law in California permits the parties to enter into a written adoption agreement and thereafter to have that agreement approved by a court of competent jurisdiction. After a brief court appearance, the relationship of the adults changes to parent and adult child. The parties may be related (like a grandparent adopting a grandchild or a stepparent adopting a stepchild) or unrelated (like a business owner adopting a trusted and longstanding employee.)

Who has to agree to the adoption plan?

The consent of the adult being adopted and the adult who is doing the adopting is required. In addition, if the person adopting or the person being adopted is married, then the written consent of the spouse of the married party(ies) will also be required. The biological parents of the person being adopted do not have to consent. Also there is no investigation by any state agency required in adult adoptions.

What’s the purpose of seeking an adult adoption?

There are instances, as our office has seen from plenty of experience, where in order to perfect certain relationships between parties or to deal with complicated estate planning issues, adults choose to adopt other adults who are not otherwise related to them. The court will make inquiry as to the purpose behind the adult adoption and a brief statement of the purpose must be included in the text of the adoption petition. There are many appropriate and acceptable explanations for filing adult adoption petition. If you would like to pursue an adult adoption and hire us to assist you, please feel free to contact our office for more information.

How long does it take to finalize an adult adoption and how much does it cost?

Our office charges by the hour at the prevailing hourly rate for professional services in connection with adult adoptions. In many counties in California, adult adoptions may be accomplished in a time period of between 60 to 120 days in Los Angeles County and in 45-60 days in other counties here in California.. Sometimes, especially if there are time constraints or if the clients are motivated and very prompt in the completion of paperwork, we can, subject to the setting of a final hearing by the court clerk, handle the adult adoptions in a time period of between 30 days and 90 days.

Are there any homestudies or state agency approvals required in an adult adoption?

Simply stated, the answer to this question is no. The only parties who must consent are, as set forth above, the adopting party, the party to be adopted, any spouses of the adopting party, or the party to be adopted and the Court.