Legal Services for

Clients Outside of California or for Birth Parents In California

If you DO NOT reside in California but would like to engage our legal services in the representation of a California birth mother, we can be of help to you.   We can do this whether or not your adoption is to be finalized here in California or elsewhere.  If you DO live outside of California but the birth mother you have found and decided to work with is located in California, I can represent you in efforts to finalize your adoption here in California if you wish.  If you wish to finalize your adoption in your home state, we can represent the birth mother instead of representing you.  We cannot represent you and the birth mother as this is dual representation which is unethical.

In September 30, 2002  California law was changed and since that time non-residents who enter into an adoption plan with birth parents residing in California may finalize their adoptions in California even if the adoptive parents do not own or rent in California and even if they come into the state solely to pick up their adoptive child.  When the adoption is ultimately finalized in California, the adoptive parents do not have to re-finalize in their home state!

The new law requires non-resident adoptive parents to present a completed and current home study report conducted and approved by a licensed adoption agency or other authorized resource in the state in which the petitioners reside (their home state). If the home study’s contents meet the standards required by the California Department of Social Services which defines and regulates the contents of acceptable home studies, the placement would likely be approved. The out of state home study will then be reviewed and, if appropriate, approved by a local California agency or a representative office of the California Department of Social Services.

Pursuant to existing California law, the adoptive parents would be required to return to California with the child who is the subject of the adoption petition for finalization of the adoption before a judge in court approximately 180 days after the placement of the child into their custody for adoption purposes.

My fees for the foregoing services are charged on an hourly basis. Clients receive monthly bills reflecting the date services were performed, the time spent in performing those services a detailed description of the services provided and the cost. We require a retainer before starting our work and the monthly charges are subtracted from the retainer. You will find our payment programs to be quite reasonable.